Interim Management

With Interim Management we fill a temporary gap or need within the management of your organisation. There can be several reasons to do this. It can be a manager on leave or being sick, or a vacancy that came up suddenly and cannot be filled immediately. But also possible is that your permanent manager temporarily, entirely or partially, has to be made free for other tasks within your company.

For your temporary need for management we have the resources available. Someone being able to rapidly learn the specific qualities of your organisation and marketplace. Who will perform the needed activities in accordance with the tasks you have formulated. But who will also have an eye open for the added value that our contribution can, and we think must have. So that at the end of the line not only is done what had to be done, but also initiatives were taken to start up new developments.

Reasons for hiring our Interim Management services can be:

  • tide over a period of (sabbatical) leave, sickness or vacancy
  • realisation of organisational or cultural changes
  • support of the permanent management
  • developing specialist knowledge / staff training